(45)they should know how to deal with setbacks,stresses and feelings of inadequacy.they should also learn how to solve problems and resolve conflicts,ways to brainstorm and think critically.discussions at home can help kids practice doing these things and help them apply these skills to everyday life situations.
what about the son or daughter who is grown but seems to be struggling and wandering aimlessly through early adulthood?parents still have a major role to play,but now it is more delicate.they have to be careful not to come across as disappointed in their child.they should exhibit strong interest and respect for whatever currently interests their fledging adult(as naive or ill-conceived as it may seem)while becoming a partner in exploring options for the future.most of all,these new adults must feel that they are respected and supported by a family that appreciates them.
[a]set a good example for your kids
[b]build your kidswork skills
[c]place time limits on leisure activities
[d]talk about the future on a regular basis
[e]help kids develop coping strategies
[f]help your kids figure out who they are
[g]build your kidssense of responsibility
这篇文章选自英国《泰晒士报》(times)。文章标题为“how can a parent help?”(“家长如何协助孩子?”)。文中,作者从其所著ready or not,here life comes(《不管是不是预备好,日子现已走来》)一书中挑出了五点主张,协助家长非常好的引导孩子。
41.f该段首要讲的是父母大约在孩子十一二岁时常常与他们一同谈论他们体现出来的优缺陷,和他们的快乐喜爱地址,为他们的作业打开供给条理。因而,该段的中心是父母大约协助孩子知道自我,即f项的“help your kids figure out who they are”。段中的strenghts,weakness,interests与f项中的who they are 相对应,而identify与选项中的figure out相照顾。
该段的最终两句是指出孩子想象将来的重要性。所以本段的主题大约是d项“talk about the future on a regular basis”。该项中的future与文段的中心相符。该段第二句中的regular也与d项中的on a regular basis相照顾,第三句中的discuss与d项中的talk about相照顾。d项正确。
(48)but the idea that the journalist must understand the law more profoundly than an ordinary citizen rests on an understanding of the established conventions and special responsibilities of thenews media.politics or,more broadly,the functioning of the state,is a major subject for journalists.the better informed they are about the way the state works,the better their reporting will be.(49)
in fact,it is difficult to see how iournalists who do not have a clear grasp of the basic features of the canadian constitution can do a competent job on political stories.
furthermore,the legal system and the events which occur within it are primary subjects for journalists.while the quality of legal journalism varies greatly,there is an undue reliance amongst many journalists on interpretations supplied to them by lawyers.(50)while comment and reaction from lawyers may enhance stories,it is preferable for journalists to rely on their own notions of significance and make their own judgments.these can only come from a well-grounded understanding of the legal system.
①规划分析:本句的主语为legal learning,谓语有些为has been viwed,as后边为主语补足语。所以本句的主体规划为legal learning has been viewed as。
②内容要害分析:traditionally意为“传统上的”。legal learning在句中做主语,应译为名词或名词性规划,“法令学习”或“法令常识”。be viewed as“被看做”。special preserves指“专有权力,专属”。intellectual equipment即“常识才干,常识本质”。
【范文】(1)this cartoon presents a very sharp conflict between two rivals,the goalkeeper and the ball striker of a football game.the former worries that he is too small to block the ball,while the striker thinks the goalkeeper is so large constructed that he is incapable of kicking the ball in.(2)in fact.
both of them are just normally sized.they minimize themselves and exaggerate the opponent just because they are lack of self-confidence.
(3)obviously.the meaning of the picture is to highlight the significance of self-confidence in our daily life.(4)people have witnessed the increasing intensity of competitions like iob searching over the past few years.nowadays,people are shouldering various pressures,mainly including theheavy financialburden to support old parents and kids.(5)we must keep self-confident and optimistic when we are facing challenges.only in this way,can we have the chance to survive and succeed.imagine,what will happen if we always exaggerate our rivals or challenges and underestimate our own ability?yes,we will become self-doubting and fail to fulfill even a simple task.
(6)a case in point is the anti-japanese war.in spite of being confronted with the most ferociousenemies,our party did not lose confidence,but made careful fighting strategies and finally drove the enemies out of our country.therefore,do not lose our confidence no matter how challenging the task is and(7)do remember the old saying:our only enemy is ourselves.
(1)开篇大体描绘图像内容。this cartoon presents为图像描绘经典句式。
(3)运用句型the meaning of the picture is to点明图像体现的主旨。
(6)举例证明观念。acase in point is举例经典句型。
(7)引证俗话:our only enemy is ourselves.
sharp conflict剧烈的冲突
be incapable of doing sth.做某事无能minimize[estimeit]v小看;看轻be confronted with面临;面临
①this cartoon presents..…
②obviously,the aim of the picture is to…
③only in this way,can we…
25.which of the following would be the best title for the text?[a]strain of stress:no way out?
[b]responses to stress:gender difference
[c]stress analysis:what chemicals say
[d]gender inequality:women under stress
这篇文章节选自the discovery channel(《探究频道》)“安康”板块一篇题为“gender inequality:women under stress”(“性别不对等:压力下的女人”)的文章。首要谈论了“在承受压力方面,女人比男性遭到的损伤更多”这个论题。第一、二段引出论题并说明女人压力大是因为性荷尔蒙的分泌致使的;第三、四段介绍了女人感触压力的“机缘比男性多以及男性和女人所面临的压力的不一样特征;第五段举例阐明女人遭受压力的性质;第六段重审女人承担的责任多、压力大。【答案与解析】
1.a实际细节题。根据文中第一段,dr.yehuda认为在面临压力时,女人更简略变得压抑(women are particularly susceptible to developing depression…),而且第二段说明这种表象的缘由:来历于荷尔蒙的差异,所以a项契合题意。b项说女人的压力来自男性,违背文章条理;文章第三段第三句比照的是男女面临压力的数量,而没有触及到谁更有经历,打扫c项;男女面临压力时,发生的触发器化学物质的量纷歧样,而具体改变趋势如何并未在文中谈到,打扫d项。
30.which of the following best summarizes the main idea of the text?[a]the internet is posing a threat to publishers.
[b]a new mode of publication is emerging.
[c]authors welcome the new channel for publication.
[d]publication is rendered easier by online service.
这篇文章选自the economist(《经济学人》)2005年9月一篇题为“scientific publishing-the 想paperless library”(“科学出书——无纸图书馆”)的文章。首要谈论一种新式的出书方法以?诳又境鍪樗吹挠跋臁5谝欢问滓樯艽车某鍪榉椒ǎ坏诙问滓樯苄率降某鍪榉椒ǎ坏谌巫髡咚档匠J兜募壑岛统鲎食晷蝗【鲇谠又镜姆⑿辛亢鸵谆竦眯裕坏谒亩谓樯芰诵虑魇葡碌募钢质滓鍪榉椒ā?br>
26.d期间主旨题。文中第一段首句中的used to阐明后文是对曩昔的出书进程的介绍。接下来的三句话就是具体介绍研讨者在得出研讨结论后是怎样将其宣告在学术期刊上的流程,另外d中的traditional和首句中的used to相契合,所以d项契合题意。a项介绍journal editing,违背主题journal publishing;b项中的laboratory reports和research results意思纷歧致;c项在本段未提及。
genetically speaking, there are advantages to avoiding substantial height. during childbirth, larger babies have more difficulty passing through the birth canal. moreover, even though humans have been upright for millions of years, our feet and back continue to struggle with bipedal posture andcannot easily withstand repeated strain imposed by oversize limbs.says anthropologist wiliam leonard of northwesterm university.genetic maximums can change, but don
31. wilt chamberlain is cited as an example to .
[a] illustrate the change of height of nba players[b] show the popularity of nba players in the u.s.
[c] compare different generations of nba players
[d] assess the achievements of famous nba players
35.the text intends to tell us that.[a]the change of human height follows a cyclic patterm
[b]human height is becoming even more predictable
[c]americans have reached their genetic growth limit
[d]the genetic pattern of americans has altered
这篇文章节选自scientific american(《科学美国人》)2001年7月一篇名为“napoleons revenge”
31.a推理判别题。这篇文章第一段说到wilt chamberlain的比方,阐明nba高个子球员的添加,然后致使全体身高不断添加,而第二段最初的though表转机,提示这篇文章真实谈论的论题:美国人的身高已广泛中止增加,这个表象刚好与第一段的比方相反。比方是效能主题的,而且它触及到nba球员身高的改变,故a项为正确答案。b项的popularity和d项的achievements均未在文中呈现,故打扫;c项过于广泛,因为这篇文章只触及到身高的比照。
40.washingtons decision to free slaves originated from his.[a]moral considerations
[b]military experience
[c]financial conditions
[d]political stand
这篇文章节选自u.s.news&world report(《美国新闻与世界报导》)2004年1月的·安康”板块翠一篇题为“the sorry legacy of the founders”(“开国功臣令人怅惘的遗产”)。这是一篇关于篇美国文明的文章,叙说了美国开国功臣们对奴隶制的敌对情绪。第一、二段叙说了美国缔!造者们一些不为人知的前史,触及到奴隶制疑问;第三、四、五段从政治和经济的视点分析了其时的社会布景以及为啥受人尊敬的美国开国功臣们没有扔掉奴隶制;最终一段以
writing in the last year of his life,he expressed the opinion that in two or three respects his mind had changed during the preceding twenty or thirty years.up to the age of thirty or beyond it poetry of many kinds gave him great pleasure.formerly,too,pictures had given him considerable,and music very great,delight.in 1881,however,he said:(50)darwin was convinced that the loss of these tastes was not only a loss of happiness,but might possibly be injurious to the intellect,and more probably to the moral character.46.
①规划分析:本句首要包括一个that引导的宾语从句,骨干是he believes that..…;从句有些较长,谓语有些may have had标明对曩昔的估测,宾语为compensating advantage,of后边的forcing him to.和enabling him to.….构成并排规划,是advantage的同位语。
②内容要害分析:that从句中的may have had标明对曩昔的估测,因而要译为“或许”来表达
这种口气。compensating advantages在原文中是指达尔文有一个缺陷,即·不能理解简练的表达自个的意思”,可是后来这个缺陷让他长时刻的思考,compensating advantages翻译为“抵偿优势”在汉语里不常见,所以这儿可以译为“反而成了他的优势”。
51.directions:you have just come back from canada and found a music cd in your luggage that you forgot to return to bob,your landlord there.write him a letter to
1)make an apology,and2)suggest a solution.
you should write about 100 words on answer sheet2.
do not sign your own name at the end of the letter.useinstead.
do not write the address.(10 points)


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